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The Challenge

I have a little challenge … I’m looking for anything from the climate change Deniers that is not a lie, distortion, misrepresentation, or out and out fraud. I am trying to find something, anything, anything at all pertaining to the climate change that we  are currently experiencing that:

  • Alleges that it refutes a significant aspect of climate change science, not details (eg quibbling over whether storms get more frequent or not is detail that in no way affects the general facts of climate science). I’m looking for anything that alleges to refute climate change itself, that climate change is anthropocentric, or that it is not a clear and present danger, etc, and
  • Has not already been debunked as total nonsense. As a guide to what has been exposed let’s use Coby Beck’s How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic as it is the most comprehensive, even though all those listed at right under “Debunking Denier Nonsense” are worthy, and
  • Is not some unsubstantiated, vacuous opinion piece or hysteric rant by some senile old coot or industry shill. It must reference actual evidence, preferably from peer-reviewed science, and
  • Is not some hysteric paranoid conspriacy theory claiming the reason that there is no published evidence is that all 6,400 of the world’s leading journals of science have colluded to exclude “Denier science”, and
  • Is not some ridiculous assemblage of logical fallacies claiming climate change is a hoax because ‘it would cost too much’ or ‘Al Gore is a hypocrite’ (actual examples, if you can believe it).
  • Is not some error ridden pseudo-scientific gobbledygook (eg Monckton), and
  • Is not some “I have the evidence just send me $10 and I’ll mail it to you” scam.
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