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You may think that Climate Change / Global Warming Denier[1] Conspiracy Theories are the same “boring” as all the other whacko conspiracy theories, but I suggest that you would be wrong. They have their own special character that is particularly revealing about Denier culture.

You have probably heard at least one or more of the Denier conspiracy theories, but Frank Bi over at IJI has very kindly created a web chart of the known conspiracy theories. There’s rather a lot of them actually, but I would like to start with Richard Lindzen‘s contributions to Denier Conspiricism for several reasons:

Modern Denier Conspiricism can be said to begin with Lindzen’s 1992 “Global Warming: The Origin and Nature of the Alleged Scientific Consensus“, and he has just recently contributed “The Mother of All Climate Conspiracies” so his work covers the epoch very nicely. Further, his theory is the one most parroted by Deniers so it is the most relevant. Finally, AccuWeather has just suggested Lindzen’s “Climate of Fear” and my post “But They Are Scientists” as paired reading, so it seems appropriate.



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