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Denier 'facts' alive and well ... sort of

Denier 'facts' alive and well ...

Once again the climate change / global warming Deniers are trying to revive the dead; this time the ridiculous “Scientists predicted Global Cooling in the 1970’s” myth.

This myth has been thoroughly debunked as having been nothing more than media sensationalism over the beliefs of a handful of scientists based on a limited number of studies.

Now some enterprising Denier found this gem “SCIENTISTS AGREE WORLD IS COLDER; But Climate Experts Meeting Here Fail to Agree on Reasons for Change” in the New York Times archive. Needless to say this is rocketing around the Denialopshere as “Proof of Scientific Consensus on Global Cooling: 1961” and “Global Cooling Consensus in the Past: the Evidence.”



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OK, not really citation indexes so much as weekly round ups of the internet with respect to climate change. I thought it  would be interesting to compare and contrast the Climate Rationalist news roundup with the Climate Change /Global Warming Denier1 equivalent, just to see what we’ve got.

Curiously, both are from Canada as am I. Not sure what that means, but I thought  I’d note it.

H.E. Taylor’s excellent “Another Week of Climate Disruption News” pretty much speaks for itself; organized, sometimes annotated, and comprehensive. How this worthy gentleman finds the time I have no idea, but it is an invaluable tool, if somewhat intimidating.

This resource is also archived, and Taylor also hosts another excellent resource “Global Warming Links.” Coby Beck over at “A Few Things Illconsidered” always links the news updates.


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