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Jennifer Marohasy‘s Denier1 Blog has published the climate change / global warming Deniers [Fanfare] “Ten of the Best Climate Research Papers (Nine Peer-Reviewed): A Note from Cohenite

OK, I count only seven peer reviewed, so we see that the Deniers are up to their usual standard of accuracy (and I haven’t actually checked them all yet). Actually there are several fun things about the list, but let’s start with:

Eli Rabett blogged about the list in “Believing ten impossible things before breakfast.”

Best of the Best

Best of the Best

Eli explains it in more detail and it is definitely worth checking out, but the nutshell version is that a number of the papers are mutually exclusive.

Put simply, if paper A is true, then B cannot be. So by accepting some of the papers as valid the Deniers are necessarily saying that others on the list are false. If they are false, why are they on the “ten best” list?



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