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The latest climate change / global warming Denier1 fraud is sucking them in like hayseeds in Vegas.

Hook, Line, Sinker

Hook, Line, Sinker

On Oct 27th Rick C. Hodgin posted “MIT scientists baffled by global warming theory, contradicts scientific data” a distortion of the MIT news item “Levels of the greenhouse gas methane begin to increase again.”

Within a couple of days the fraud had gone viral and spread to dozens and dozens of Denier sites and forums.

It is an obvious and ridiculous fraud and all anyone had to do was check the MIT news item to confirm that it was nonsense, but apparently none of the self-styled “skeptics” bothered to do so. It has already been debunked at “‘ain’t no global warming’ spin – from MIT??” so for the most part I won’t repeat that.

What I do want to point out is what it shows us about Deniers and the supposed “unsettled science”, specifically that Deniers:

1) misrepresent, distort, and lie;

2) do not understand even simple climate science;

3) do not remember their own scripts, contradicting one another and themselves;

4) far from being skeptics, they are are so ridiculously gullible it is pathetic.



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