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Time series of area of perennial sea ice

Time series of area of perennial sea ice

According to recent posts in the Denialosphere1 the Arctic ice is well on it’s way to a full recovery.

Here are a few examples, Anthony Watts Arctic sea ice continues rebound, Another Global Warming Hoax Deconstructeda gigantic 30 per cent increase in Arctic sea ice coverage”,74 Years Since Oct Snowfalls – Deprogramming Global Warming “the Arctic ice extent was 30 per cent greater”, but the meme is hardly limited to them. Just fire up your favourite search engine to see how wide spread this Denier meme is.

One gets the impression that the Arctic can return to work any day now. Is that  what’s actually happening? Of course not, it’s the Denialosphere. I’ve blogged about their attempt to spin this one before, but let’s see what they are up to now. (more…)


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