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rejectionThe Denialosphere1 is all atwitter (when isn’t it?).  Roy Spencer has had two papers rejected by Geophysical Research Letters. Marohasy has the basic non-story with a sensationalistic title “How To Censor a Climate Sceptic” and no mention of censorship in the actual post. No such problem in the rest of the Denialosphere.

The course is clear! Spencer must put the full paper, as submitted, and with the reviewers and editors comments on-line to reveal the gross perfidity and vile machinations of the GLR. There can be no other way but to reveal the rot of this pestilent conspiracy to the light of day! Expose the jackbooted thugs of the scientific kleptocracy to public opprobrium. Seriously, but more below.

A few points I’d like to discuss with reference to this:

  • What are the facts
  • It’s not censorship
  • The realities of publishing research papers
  • Spencer must vindicate himself (or try)

What are the facts? (more…)


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