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More from 'The Telegraph'

More from 'The Telegraph'

BPSDBA few days ago Tim Lambert at Deltoid discussed Christopher Booker‘s latest contribution to climate ignorance as “Denialists scraping the bottom of the barrel”; little did he know.  

The Telegraph continues it’s war on reality, intelligence and science with “Global warming: Reasons why it might not actually exist.”

The piece is a farce and easily exposed as nonsense, but it reveals something interesting for our collective attempts to educate people about the reality of climate change, and a particular challenges we face in doing so.

The article starts by referring to Booker’s article which Deltoid debunked as nonsense. In that respect it is like the rest of Booker’s writings (see here and here). (more…)

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400px-alfeniquesOne of the climate change Denier claims that keeps resurfacing is that more people die from cold than from heat, therefore warming is a good thing.

I am not sure who started this one, but there is little question Bjorn Lomborg popularized it (and here).

Recently this meme is turning up again thanks to a new posting at that font of climate wisdom The Cato Institute (also here and here) viz  “The Deadliest U.S. Natural Hazard: Extreme Cold” and another three posted at the equally reliable (so to speak) Watts Up With That?

All of them seem to a response to the recent Reuters piece saying heat was the biggest natural cause of death in the US, and all are authored by Indur Goklany.

Goklany is one of the Heartland Institute‘s “experts“, has work hosted by the Fraser Institute (also here and here), but darned if I can find where he currently hangs his hat. Even ExxonSecrets doesn’t seem to know. (more…)

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Climate change ignorance caused by humans

It has been confirmed, climate change ignorance is caused by humans! The belief that it could be due to natural causes probably applies to only 10-15% of the population.

Study Links Global Warming to Right-wing Media Hot Air Emissions: “SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Earlier this week, the Environmental Protection Agency released the highly anticipated results of a year-long study, confirming a long suspected link between right-wing media blowhards and current global warming trends.” (more…)

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the-weathermanBPSDBThe Business and Media Institute reports that “CNN Meteorologist: Manmade Global Warming Theory ‘Arrogant’, and of course the freepers and other Denier wingnuts are off!

As one would expect Chad Myers’s statements are devoid of any factual basis, consisting of the usual moronic “aw shucks” barroom tales spiced with a few irrelevant factoids. This nonsense is then “substantiated” by Jay Lehr from the much discredited Heartland Institute who tries to push the global cooling fable. (more…)

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BPSDBIn their war on science Deniers rely heavily on Weapons of Mass Deception. One such weapon is the “Poisoned Post”.

To understand how this weapon works it is necessary to have the 30 second understanding of news sharing sites.

News sharing sites are places that you can submit a link to a site with a short description and it is then visible to many other users as being “of interest.” (more…)

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James Ko-Ko Inhofe

James 'Ko-Ko' Inhofe


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Good News’

‘gas 2.0’ announced “America’s Love Affair With Cars is Ending” which is a short description of a new report out of the Brookings Institute “The Road…Less Traveled: An Analysis of Vehicle Miles Traveled Trends in the U.S.”

According to ‘gas 2.0’ the report states that “the US is experiencing its longest and quickest decline in the amount of driving since World War Two — a decline which the report’s authors claim marks a permanent shift away from the automobile and towards other forms of transportation.

I confess I skipped to the conclusions and that does indeed seem to be what it is saying. Let’s hope so. (more…)

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The Way Things Break has posted Crude – The Incredible Journey of Oil which  turned out to be much better than I anticipated.  Good, accessible presentation of the carbon cycle, geological history, anoxic oceans, and the last 30 min are quite heavy hitting on climate change.  Ninety minutes not wasted and excellent for educating your friends and family

Cavet, as you are warned at the site “there are some sound issues for the first few minutes. Things clear up around 3:33 …” They do clear up, but for three and a half minutes you are really annoyed. (more…)

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