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BPSDBIn their war on science Deniers rely heavily on Weapons of Mass Deception. One such weapon is the “Poisoned Post”.

To understand how this weapon works it is necessary to have the 30 second understanding of news sharing sites.

News sharing sites are places that you can submit a link to a site with a short description and it is then visible to many other users as being “of interest.” (more…)


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James Ko-Ko Inhofe

James 'Ko-Ko' Inhofe


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Good News’

‘gas 2.0’ announced “America’s Love Affair With Cars is Ending” which is a short description of a new report out of the Brookings Institute “The Road…Less Traveled: An Analysis of Vehicle Miles Traveled Trends in the U.S.”

According to ‘gas 2.0’ the report states that “the US is experiencing its longest and quickest decline in the amount of driving since World War Two — a decline which the report’s authors claim marks a permanent shift away from the automobile and towards other forms of transportation.

I confess I skipped to the conclusions and that does indeed seem to be what it is saying. Let’s hope so. (more…)

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