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Holmes: Inspector Lestrade, I understand that you have arrested Mr Algore .

Lestrade: Indeed I have Holmes. Once again the Yard brings the miscreants to justice, thank you very much; and without your … ‘assistance’,  I might add.

Holmes: Quite so, quite so. May I enquire as to the nature of the evidence?

Lestrade: Your Baker Street methods will cut no cheese this time Holmes, that horse has left the stable. Besides, this is a simple fraud case, not your usual cup of tea, is it?

Holmes: Even so Lestrade, if you would indulge me?

Lestrade: Very well. It seems your Mr Algore has been defrauding the widows and orphans of London with some sort of lantern show which he calls ‘Discomforting Verities’ or some such nonsense. (more…)

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