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swindling BPSDB Not that either of them are factual, accurate, or honest, and not that they say anything about climate change that is true, but precisely because they aren’t and don’t.

For those who do not know of it, “The Great Global Warming Swindle” is a fauxcumentary produced by Martin Durkin which first aired (or more correctedly “erred”) two years ago.

It is probably the best known and most lavish of the Denier propaganda polemics posing as an objective documentary. Basically “The Swindle” attempts to undermine the scientific case for anthropogenic climate change.


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dual-wave-particle-nature-of-lightBPSDBLest any imagine that my parody of climate Denier cherry picking is too extreme because I pretend to use my own city as representing climate trends for the entire planet as being something climate Deniers actually do, check this out: OOPS, We Forgot Siberia!

I am rather fond of this piece of climate change Denierism for two reasons. (more…)

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eclipse3oct_sombras-jpg BPSDBA little over a year ago one of the sites that I liked to go to for climate information suddenly went stagnant.

Instead of fresh postings there was just a link to a youtube video of Megadeath’s song “Countdown to Extinction”  that stayed up for some weeks.


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  • Spin Cycles
  • That’s curious
  • Not this idiot again
  • Oh oh at NSIDC
  • The Boy Who Denied Wolf

Spin Cycles

CBC’s show “And the Winner Is…” re-broadcast the documentary series Spin Cycles: Spin, the spinners and the spun.

Episode Six exposes the industry funded “think tanks” and astroturf (ie bogus) citizen’s groups that specialize in providing climate denial PR for their clients.


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PSDBAnyone who imagines that with climate change we will simply shift agriculture towards the poles probably does not even have house plants, much less a garden, and certainly knows little or nothing about agriculture or climate change.

In an earlier post I discussed some of the impacts on existing agriculture as Understanding why climate change means global famine”. Now I’d like to discuss a couple of aspects of one of the stock answers “we’ll just move our food production north.”

The reason this will not work is shown very simply with a map.

source US Dept of Agriculture
source US Dept of Agriculture

Begining with the Southern Hemisphere and the obvious, there is less land area as you move towards the pole. South America narrows rapidly, Africa less rapidly but it still does, and Australia simply ends; there just isn’t the land available to sustain anything close to current levels of food production. (more…)

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Medieval Warming?” (& the Hockey Stick)

Peter Sinclair has been busy debunking some of the standard climate change Denier fables with his youtube series.

These are great for sharing with people who are not going to read an article, so share them on your networks, put the links in blog comments and forums – everywhere you encounter the relevant fable. (more…)

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PROOF! A picture of snow in Miami

PSDBI have been so consistently impressed with climate science as it is practised by climate Deniers such as Bob Carter, Christopher Monckton and others that I thought I would try using some of their techniques myself and see what I could discover.

In the spirit of all of the recent reports about what a cold day they had in Anchorage or St Paul (and therefore global warming is over!) I too decided to choose a single local example and pretend it somehow would represent trends for the whole planet.


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