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PSDBI blogged about the CBC radio series Ideas presenting Gwynne Dyer’s “Climate Wars” before, but now that all three episodes are up I wanted to mention it again.

Climate Wars Podcasts

Even if you do not have time to listen to them now, download them now as Part One will be expiring in less than a week, and Parts Two and Three in each subsequent week.

If you imagine that climate change is going to be anything but horrific, and a lot sooner than most people imagine, then the series is a must listen. It will disabuse you of that illusion very quickly. (more…)

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ktylerconkPSDBExcept none of the articles they wrote are about the catastrophic consequences of climate change, but you could be excused for not realizing that even if you have read them.

Naturally I am talking about Dr Vicky Pope, head of climate change advice at the Met Office Hadley Centre, and David Adam of the Guardian. Between them they published a posting at the MET office, a web post at the Guardian, and a Guardian web & print post yesterday. (more…)

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PSDBMr Coleman

When you issued your threat to sue Al Gore The Inactivist Journal issued a call for you to Sue Us, a call most recently echoed by Jeremy Jacquot at DeSmogBlog in “John Coleman: Still Waiting for that Lawsuit ‘.

Your most recent screed leads me to use this opportunity to add my voice to the call, and to ask other climate realists to do the same using whatever media is appropriate.

Many in the Denialosphere believe that you actually have sued Mr Gore, or at least have begun the process.

You have not done either despite your repetition of the threat. As Frankbi notes, you are as big a charlatan as Christopher Monckton in this respect.


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Apologies: Computer issues


My apologies for relative absence recently, but I have been experiencing computer issues. I believe that these are now dealt with, at least for the time being, and normal service resumes tomorrow afternoon.

Mike 🙂

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