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BPSDB potholer54 is back! and it’s a good one.  Climate Change anatomy of a myth takes down the the “they predicted an ice age in the 1970s, so why should we believe them now” nonsense.

One of the things that potholer54 brings to the exposure of the lie is the evidence that the Deniers are not confused or mistaken, they are outright lying.

The sources from the 1970s that they cite as evidence talk about the scientific uncertainty about climate, not a scientific consensus on cooling. This is explored in much more detail with respect to George Will and the New York Times at The NYT’s climate coverage in 1970s was a megaphone for science, not ‘global cooling’ alarmism.



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BPSDB Climate change Denier Myths Debunked:

  • The 31,000 scientists Oregon Petition fraud
  • Mars and Pluto prove it’s natural
  • The 1,500 year cycle

Peter Sinclair has been very busy, so without further ado:

The great Petition Fraud


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BPSDB Earlier this year we were subjected to a spate of blog posts and faux news about a report from a “Japanese Commission” of “Top Japanese Scientists” that rejected anthropogenic climate change. The ‘report‘ was allegedly the result of work by 5 scientists from the Japan Society of Energy and Resources.

This piece of climate change Denier spam would be scarcely worth mentioning except that in 2 months the Japan Society of Energy and Resources has gone from barely a dozen google hits (English language) to over 12,000, as far as I can tell almost all of them touting the Denier nonsense. As well it has appeared in several of the predictable bastions of anti-science and ignorance such as the National Post and The Australian.


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Global Warming

Thankfully Peter Sinclair has been keeping himself busy with more debunking of climate change Denier fables, although each of his installments does more than simply debunk the fable in question.

Even if you know why the crock in question is a crock, they are still well worth watching and sharing as broadly as possible (HINT Social networks: Facebook, Care2, Stumble, Plum, Twitter … hint hint hint …)

The “Urban Heat Island” Crock


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big-footBPSDB The other shoe has dropped as Bjorn Lomborg publicly admits his intellectual bankruptcy. Not in so many words, but he may as well have.

What he actually said was directed to Al Gore, as follows:

“I don’t mean to corner you, or maybe I do mean to corner you, but would you be willing to have a debate with me on that point?” asked Mr. Lomborg.  Goracular

(another installment in the Wall Street Journal’s war on science and reality)

Can there be a more telling confession that you have nothing of substance to offer than challenging a public figure to debate matters of fact and science? (more…)

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snc13724 BPSDB No, it’s not a typo; rational folks have stopped pretending that the climate change Deniers are actually “skeptics”, anything but!

Skepticism, after all, is a rational, intellectual process that  involves critical analysis of the facts and reasoned doubt applied to all evidence and hypotheses.

“The key to skepticism is to continuously and vigorously apply the methods of science to navigate the treacherous straits between “know nothing” skepticism and “anything goes” credulity.” skeptic.com


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eye-am-feeling-silly BPSDB As discussed in the last post Denialapalooza aka the Heartland Denier Conference is in full swing.

The latest seepage from the Heartland Human Waste Treatment Facility?  Climate change Deniers totally lose it and stop even pretending to be doing science.

Two thing that stand out for me are that, i) they have apparently abandoned the fiction that they are doing anything remotely resembling climate science, and at the same time, ii) they seem to have started believing their own stories. It’s going to be an ugly shock when they remember that they made it all up in the first place.

Climate Progress reports on how Richard Lindzen has stopped pretending his “science” has legitimacy (small wonder, see here) and is indulging in attempted character assassination of Wallace Broecker as well as the rest of his profession.

Whatever it takes to keep his oil industry funders happy I guess

At the same time, John Theon just starts babbling incoherently. (more…)

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circus-closing-festivities BPSDB It’s great to see the “Heartland Comedy Revue & Circus” aka “Denial-apalooza” is a back for another season.

All of your favourite clowns are there, from Vaclav “De-bait Me” Klaus to Christopher Lord VoldeMonckton .

Apparently Monckton has a new act “The insufferably pompous peer”  where he introduces several new lies and frauds proofs that climate change is not real.  Follow the link if you want a good laugh, unless you don’t want to ruin “the magic”.


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klaus BPSDB For those who do not know him Vaclav Klaus is the President of  Czech Republic, formerly an economist, and a climate change Denier (here and here for eg).

Last spring Klaus started the usual cheap circus of demanding to debate Al Gore. Like herpes, many Denier fables and memes just won’t go away no matter how often you treat them.

Naturally Gore won’t dignify this clown with a debate, so now the narrative has become that Al Gore is afraid of Klaus.

Of course public debates are not about establishing truth or fact. Rather they are popularity contests, episodes of American Idiot Idol, that reward the best performer rather than truth, particularly if one of the participants is willing and able to lie convincingly (more on this here and here). (more…)

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Johnny Rook ( – 2009)

johnny Brian D very gently reminds me that I should post an update about Johnny Rook.

Johnny passed away Monday March 1st. Right up to the end he was active, posting comments on his own blog and at Climate Progress.

Tributes to Johnny can be found at Get Energy Smart Now, and there is a moving eulogy at Daily Kos R.I.P. JohnnyRook.

As Brian D notes, the family has asked that donations go to 350.org.


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BPSDB George Will has gone Platinum with over 100 articles exposing the lies and errors in his recent climate columns.

Why so much excitement over the Will column? The net is awash with this type of idiocy and even Will himself has done this before.

I think the issue is not that Will tries to pass off climate change Denier nonsense as fact. It’s that the attempt to mislead is so juvenile and transparent that it boggles the mind and insults the reader. People do not necessarily expect George Will to tell the truth, but to attempt to mislead them while insulting their intelligence is unforgivable. (more…)

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Do not say that I’ll depart tomorrow
because even today I still arrive

A couplet from the poem “Call Me by My True Names” by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

The poem appears in a blog post “Why Call it “Climaticide”? The Power of True Names” by Johnny Rook.

They avoid calling things by their true names because they know that if we do not know the true names we will not be wise enough to act.

If you have not read it, you should. (more…)

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BPSDB Today is the mass civil disobedience coinciding with Powershift’09 in Washington DC. (live coverage at Capital Climate Action and Greenpeace).

The nonviolent resistance and the reasons for it, from the political “Climate Code Red”  to the personal  “See you in jail: It’s not symbolism when you live in D.C.”, Why civil disobedience may be necessary on climate change have been covered, so I won’t be repeating that. (more…)

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