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Do not say that I’ll depart tomorrow
because even today I still arrive

A couplet from the poem “Call Me by My True Names” by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

The poem appears in a blog post “Why Call it “Climaticide”? The Power of True Names” by Johnny Rook.

They avoid calling things by their true names because they know that if we do not know the true names we will not be wise enough to act.

If you have not read it, you should. (more…)


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BPSDB Today is the mass civil disobedience coinciding with Powershift’09 in Washington DC. (live coverage at Capital Climate Action and Greenpeace).

The nonviolent resistance and the reasons for it, from the political “Climate Code Red”  to the personal  “See you in jail: It’s not symbolism when you live in D.C.”, Why civil disobedience may be necessary on climate change have been covered, so I won’t be repeating that. (more…)

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