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I was recently messaged as to whether the recent lack of activity here was because the muse had left me. No, we are not amused 🙂 (OK, I had to do that).

Truth be known I have some 60+ posts in various stages, from merely an idea to almost completed. And that’s without yet having had the time to sit down and work out some sort of coherent plan for this blog; so no, that’s not the problem.

“The problem” is simply time. It is End of Year so work requires budgets, reports, etc. We are coming up on the 1st anniversary of my mother’s death and family are coming to town. It is tax time and I am trying to close the will and do the estate taxes, and so on. There is a lot more, but you get the idea.

And now I am leaving town for a week and will have no access to computers, much less the internet. In less than 20 minutes actually. I have a post that needs at most another 15 to 30 min work and I really thought I would get it up this morning, but packing would also be an idea. So would getting dressed. Just a thought.

So thank you for your patience. Early May also promises to be difficult, but this too will pass and we can get back on track. So thank you all and I will see you in a week 🙂


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  • from David Bellamy
  • and John Boehner and the GoP
  • and the Cato Institute
  • about Swanson and Tsonis
  • about CO2
  • about Al Gore and sea level

BONUS: Debates V

A quick round up of some of the recent climate change Denier memes, frauds and lies:

from  David Bellamy

Our old friend David Bellamy is at it again, and has been thoroughly  vivesected by George Monbiot with “Bellamy the Bearded Bungler doesn’t disappoint.” As stated in my earlier post on Bellamy, it a sad end for what was otherwise an honourable career.


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That was quick.

Was it was just three days ago that I said apropos of climate change that “Since it is a given that we can expect more lies from Will…” and already here they are.

The content of Will’s continued dishonesty is more than adequately dissected, corrected, and commented on in the posts below so I will leave it to them and comment afterwards.


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Scientists worldwide admit global warming is a hoax

“In an unprecedented move Wednesday, the Norwegian Nobel Committee rescinded the Peace Prize it awarded in 2007 to former US vice president Al Gore and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, amid overwhelming evidence that global warming is an elaborate hoax cooked up by Mr. Gore.

A press release from the committee quotes a  chagrined Rajendra Pachauri, the UN climate panel’s chair, who claims that he was the victim of a “cunning deception spanning  decades”:”

read more at csmonitor.com.

Too good! 😆 The only place the Denier claims belong is an April Fools column. Kudos to the Christian Science Monitor.

Whoops – I may be updating this throughout the day …


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