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Countess Brigh and Count BardolphBPSDBPrologue:

(the story so far) Peter Sinclair produced a video debunking the climate change Denier “surface station” fable. The main champion of that fable Anthony Watts filed a DMCA complaint and Youtube removed the video.

Kevin Grandia and DeSmogBlog checked with the lawyers, reposted it, and many blogs and Monbiot at the Guardian spread the word. From Watts and the Deniers we heard nothing, until now…

[Character notes: In his rebuttal/refutation/response it seems Watts would like to play at being Henry V, roused to rightous and Royal fury by a mock from some unworthy, but merciful in his Royal Majesty. What we actually get is decidedly more reminiscent of the rogue, coward and liar Bardolph.]

But enough, now your humble patience pray, Gently to hear, kindly to judge, our play…



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The Denier Canon

BPSDBOK, climate change denial has always been about politics, not science, but the climate change Deniers are expanding the scope of their lying and frauds.

Now they are forging letters allegedly from groups representing marginalized populations in an attempt to prevent any meaningful action on climate change. The letters to members of the U.S. Congress actually came from a Washington lobby firm.

“They stole our name. They stole our logo. They created a position title and made up the name of someone to fill it. They forged a letter and sent it to our congressman without our authorization,” said Tim Freilich, who sits on the executive committee of Creciendo Juntos, a nonprofit network that tackles issues related to Charlottesville’s Hispanic community. “It’s this type of activity that undermines Americans’ faith in democracy.”


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Monbiot: Climate change deniers claim they’re censored. What hypocrites

BPSDBOne of the allegations made repeatedly by climate change deniers is that they are being censored. There’s just one problem with this claim: they have yet to produce a single valid example.

Monbiot’s latest column is worth spreading far and wide for two reasons:

  1. to keep the Watts controversy more broadly known, and hence get more people to become aware of the entire  “Climate Denial Crock of the Week” series.
  2. Monbiot uses this incident as a framing for shooting down yet another Denier meme, the fictional censorship of Deniers, while talking about the real suppression of climate science.

“On the other hand, there are hundreds of examples of direct attempts to censor climate scientists.”

So Tweet Stumble Digg Facebook Reddit etc asap …


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For those who were not aware of it, two days ago climate change Denier Anthony Watts filed a complaint causing the removal of from youtube of Peter Sinclair’s excellent video Whats up with Anthony Watts?. You can follow the developments from here if you wish.

The video was reposted and an informal campaign to spread the word took off.  The grassroots campaign to keep Peter Sinclair’s video public has had considerable success. As you can see, the search I just did yielded 29,000 hit. Of course  not all of them are related to this story, but from what I could tell a great many of them were.


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The Great Climate “Skeptics” Swindle

I also note where each author ranked in my overall listings [of climate research papers]. None of these four [skeptics] even made it into the top 200.

Meanwhile the skeptics include three names with zero hits on “climate” and another two with just one match.”

Jim Prall

Actually I don’t know Jim at all. He’s just some Dude who showed up here as a commenter last Dec 10th. A Virgo apparently, likes birding and sailing …  may like Pina Coldas for all I know. But when I saw the work he was doing my reaction was “You’re insane! A wonderful, magical, beautiful type of insane.


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So what what’s up with watts?

But but (from the Watts)

But but (from the Watts)

UPDATE: July 28th

Watts update: “Watts Up With Watts?” video checked for copyright, reposted

Climate Crock of the Week: What’s Up with Anthony Watts [take 2]

“The video has since been reviewed by a number of US copyright experts and (big surprise) there appears to be nothing that could be construed as anything but fair use.”

Thanks to Recycling Boys for alerting me to the fact that “it’s back”

How and for how long? I have no idea, although it’s k21desmog’s Channel. Watch it while you can just in case this goes bye bye too.


Latest development on the Sinclair Watts “breakup” ;)- it’s spreading!

Some other blog reactions:


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Watts Up With Watts? Error!

BPSDB Kevin Grandia recently profiled Peter Sinclair’s Climate Crock video “Watts up with Watts?” that I shared in Mixed Media; Kevin gave you a choice of Debunking Another Climate Change Crock: What’s Up with Anthony Watts? or [flame war edition].

The Watts Up With That readers are an “emotional” little gang of online trolls … the massive flame war that the video has provoked.

Trivial aside, I got a link to a repost that had obviously been babble fished such that the above read:

The Watts Up With That readers are an “emotional” lowercase association of online trolls that pay artefact likewise such instance on their safekeeping …. to wager the large burning struggle that the recording has provoked.

“Flame war” as “the large burning struggle”, I liked that.

The latest development: Global warming denier uses the DMCA to silence a critic

Well, the video must have been really on target — it stung Anthony Watts so badly that he initiated a DMCA “takedown” action and got the “Watts Up With Watts” video removed from youtube.com!


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