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BPSDB June 2009 was the second warmest on record for June and the January-June year-to-date tied with 2004 as the fifth warmest on record. (NCDC: Climate of 2009 – June Global Analysis).

But it’s been cold and wet here, how is that possible?

There are several layers to that question; the explicit question of how it is possible, and the implicit assumption that it should not be happening. There is a third part that almost never comes up, the question of whether it actually has been cool and wet.



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Like Coby and ScruffyDan (and probably every climate blogger at one point or another) I find that I have to rethink comments policy on this blog.  Not surprisingly the issue is the same as elsewhere, the proverbial “shouting match” over the reality of anthropogenic climate change.

The “problem” is perfectly evident on these threads and at every climate rationalist’s site; overwhelmingly some climate change Denier posts uniformed &/or obviously nonsensical repetitions of the same old debunked Denier nonsense. In many cases quite obviously without even having read the post to which they are appended.

arguing1Some other commenter replies, with or without facts refuting the nonsense, and off it goes.

While not universally true, typically it is the Denier who  does not engage rationally, logically or honestly, responding to refutations by ignoring them and advancing yet another false argument instead. (more…)

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Please be advised:

This thread is for most comments that are not relevant to a particular post on this site;

IF your comment is an attempt to challenge the core science of anthropogenic climate change then it belongs on the “Challenging the Core Science” Comment Thread, NOT HERE. Violators will simply be deleted.

Comments will be also be deleted without mercy &/or have one of the following texts appended, or substituted for it IF:

  1. It attacks individuals;
  2. It replicates at length arguments that could simply have been linked;
  3. It duplicates other comments you have made in this thread or elsewhere on this site;
  4. It is a copy of a comment that you spam climate sites with.

ALL posters, please do not engage or reply to policy violators. I will be deleting their comments as soon as possible which will leave your comment contextless.

Please be advised:

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This thread is for comments that purport to challenge the core science of anthropogenic climate change (use the IPCC  The IPCC Assessment Reports as a baseline).

Please be advised:

Your comment will be ignored without mercy &/or have one of the following texts appended, or even substituted for it IF:

  1. It does not fully reference and link science based sources; not necessarily peer reviewed literature, but sources which are ultimately based on peer reviewed science in a manner that can be verified.
  2. The argument is based on a logical fallacy such as cherry picking or an ad hominem Check First!
  3. It merely repeats one of the Denier memes well known to be idiotic nonsense Check First!
  4. It merely propagates some Denier spam post that has already been debunked as nonsense Check First! (more…)

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