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BPSDBLately we have been experiencing another rash of news from the “Dept of the Obvious Dept”, coupled with the other climate change Denier tactic of offering “New Improved Lipstick on a Dead Pig” (act now, operators are waiting!).

  • “New! Improved!” Lipstick on a Dead Pig

  • Dept of the Obvious Dept


  • Collected Resource Links

  • Sunspot Blindness

  • An actual “New Study”

The “Dept of the Obvious Dept” (hereafter DoOD) tactic is just another variation of the Red Herring Fallacy.  In this case the tactic is to take some aspect of climate science that is fully accounted for in the science, well known to those even passingly familiar with the basics, and pretend that it is  i) news,  and ii) not accounted for in the science. (more…)


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