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McLean, de Frietas and Carter BPSDB

In the ongoing story of the ridiculous McLean, de Frietas and Carter paper that has been seized on by the climate change Denialosphere, James’ Empty Blog finds yet another error in the abomination, but the main point of his post is the more serious issue of Editorial standards at AGU journals and how this travesty ever got published in a respectable journal in the first place.

Understanding just what SOI and ENSO have to do with climate is pretty opaque to most people, so thanks to Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal for Confused About El Nino- Taichiro Sakagami can fix that which led me to El Niño (ENSO) Animation V1.25, a good place to get a better understanding of the climate mechanisms underlying all of this fuss. That is the source of the video below. see the originals for higher quality animations and text.



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