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Update: Here

There has been a development of sorts in the “debate” between  George Monbiot and Ian Plimer (climate change / global warming Denier de jour), which is to say Plimer has sent Monbiot a series of questions for Monbiot to answer.

In response to Monbiot’s Queen pawn opening Plimer has answered “I like turtles.” Or more accurately, his actual response is not even remotely that coherent, rational, or relevant.

Of Plimer’s questions Monbiot said:

Fascinating as these questions doubtless are, … My answer to questions 1-13 is: “you’re asking the wrong person”.”

I disagree. In and of themselves the questions are not fascinating; they are pure juvenile bafflegab.  I won’t dignify the full set with repetition, but just so you can get a sense of how absurd Plimer is being, here is the text of the first question:

1. From the distribution of the vines, olives, citrus and grain crops in Europe, UK and Greenland, calculate the temperature in the Roman and Medieval Warmings and the required atmospheric CO2 content at sea level to drive such warmings. What are the errors in your calculation? Reconcile your calculations with at least five atmospheric CO2 proxies. Show all calculations and justify all assumptions. (see update)

Plimer resorts to attack as the best form of defence



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