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Flashback: Climate Denial Revolt: World’s Largest Blog Science Group ‘Startled’ By  Clamor for Editor to Be Removed!

Denialists seek to remove denial elitist promoting editor and ‘trade him to New York Times or Washington Post’

[Update Sept 15, 2009: Denialist Accuses DenialDepot Editor of ‘censoring of articles and letters’ that reject man-made global warming Denial elitism! Many of the members have not only expressed their disgust, they are contemplating leaving the group’ ]

An outpouring of climate change Denialists who are members of the Anti- Science Society (ASS) are revolting against the group’s editor-in-chief — with some demanding he be removed — after an editorial appeared claiming “the blog science of anthropogenic climate change Denial is becoming increasingly well informed.” (more…)


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