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First, HUGE thanks to S2 for minding the store while I have been lost where ever it was that I was lost (below). Particularly as the absence turned out to be much longer than planned.

Also an interesting lesson learned … I have been futilely trying to recruit guest bloggers for many months, and it turns out that all I really had to do was disappear; who knew? 😉


A planned absence of a week or so extended because:

  1. I’m an idiot, and catching up with everything once I return invariably takes much longer than anticipated;
  2. Apparently when there is  a break for whatever reason I find that I extend it to catch up with things that get neglected when I am full on blogging (dishes, laundry, life etc);
  3. I also pretend that I am going to clean up the backlog of links and reading, but in fact I invariably make it worse as I wander the the climate blogosphere;
  4. My ancient computer is dying, seriously dying. I am getting a new one and it will arrive someday, but in the meantime this one  continues to randomly die which could mean more disappearances in the next little while;
  5. My internet access stopped, and I assumed it was related to #4) above. After working on it for almost 2 days I discovered that the problem was my ISP … but by this point it Fri eve at 7 PM, before the long weekend … ir no one at the ISP office. All told sorting that out took almost another week, sending me back to #1).


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