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BPSDB NB: Nov 10, World Science Day for Peace and Development

Rachel Pike: The science behind a climate headline

In 4 minutes, atmospheric chemist Rachel Pike provides a glimpse of the massive scientific effort behind the bold headlines on climate change, with her team — one of thousands who contributed.

Many of the more idiotic climate change Denier Fables grossly misrepresent the vast scale and scope of the science and scientific evidence underlying what we know about climate change. Let’s have a look at some of those fables and how they compare to reality.

“The IPCC scientists blah blah …”

If ever there were a confession that the person making this claim knows absolutely nothing about climate science:

The IPCC does not itself commission or conduct research, but analyzes and weighs findings by scientists in many nations.

The IPCC: A Guide For Journalists




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BPSDBI’ve never simply linked another post before, but Schweitzer speaks Truth bluntly and from the heart:

You Can’t Say “Sorry” When Millions Die from Your Mistake

We are just a few votes shy of descending into another Dark Age in which ignorance and faith triumph completely over reason and fact.  We have entered a time in which scientific illiteracy has reached that catastrophic point where science transmutes from a search for objective truth to just another opinion, carrying no more weight than the blathering of a talking head with an opposing view.   The collective opinions of thousands of professional meteorologists have been equated to nothing more valid than the uneducated opinion of a radio host.  Such false equivalency is a sure sign we are in deep trouble.


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