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BPSDB There is that group of people who use the uncritical nonthinking process of denialism when dealing with climate change science. These people are commonly, and correctly referred to as “Deniers.”

In the ongoing culture wars the Deniers have been casting about for a suitable pejorative with which to dismiss those who use facts and logic, and they seem to be gravitating towards “alarmists.”

Now being an alarmist is not necessarily a bad thing (cf Paul Revere – Alarmist!), but I believe there is something far more interesting going on here.

In seeking to characterize a group we tend to focus on what stands out and is of significant to us. The Deniers share a particular anti-intellectual, irrational process when dealing with the climate change issue, and it is for this process that they are known for to those who accept the facts of climate science.


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dɪˈnaɪər/ [dih-nahy-er]


a person who denies.


1350–1400;  ME; see deny, -er1



When a Denier’s behaviour is correctly identified and named the standard response is to plead that they are the victims of an attempt to associate them with Holocaust denial because that is what the word means. Well as it happens, no … that’s not what it means. Actually it means “denier” (see above).

Yes, yes, I know … the climate change Deniers never check anything with accepted, credible sources and reject the legitimacy of any source that contradicts what they believe.


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