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The fraud fad ‘meme de jour’ in climate science Denier tabloid media this week is the hoary old chestnut:

New Study disproves/overturns/undermines global warming / climate change science/models/theory!



Never mind that:

  • they repeat this meme every few weeks with a completely different study;
  • none of the Deniers seem to even remotely understand the study they refer to;
  • none of the studies ever turn out to say what the Deniers believe/claim;
  • the fact that it is “new” means it should be treated with caution since review by the entire scientific community can lead to:
    • discovery of subtle errors that the authors and reviewers missed;
    • a way of understanding the data different from how the authors had;
  • the probability that a single study could overturn the thousands upon thousands of studies that support our understanding of climate change is remote in the extreme (see here).



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