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A Climate for Change

Brigham Young University Pwns Deniers

18 leading scientific organizations

He tolls for thee

Dubya’s War on Science

Chamber pot of commerce tries rebranding

Meanwhile, the Superfreaks are:

  1. Supercensoring
  2. Pwned by George Will
  3. Getting hosed by The New Yorker
  4. Still using mind control on Jon Stewart


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  • from David Bellamy
  • and John Boehner and the GoP
  • and the Cato Institute
  • about Swanson and Tsonis
  • about CO2
  • about Al Gore and sea level

BONUS: Debates V

A quick round up of some of the recent climate change Denier memes, frauds and lies:

from  David Bellamy

Our old friend David Bellamy is at it again, and has been thoroughly  vivesected by George Monbiot with “Bellamy the Bearded Bungler doesn’t disappoint.” As stated in my earlier post on Bellamy, it a sad end for what was otherwise an honourable career.


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  • Lots of bad news
  • Where we are, a summary
  • Some Good news
  • Denier Watch
  • Some Debunking
  • The solution

Lots of bad news

Tibetan glaciers rapidly melting speaks for itself in terms of ‘what’. The ‘why’ it matters is that a billion people from China to Afghanistan depend on the melt waters to feed themselves for at least part of the year. Factor in  “China’s crops at risk from massive erosion” “Over a third of China’s land is being scoured by serious erosion that is putting its crops and water supply a risk.” (more…)

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David Bellamy

David Bellamy

Botanist and environmentalist David Bellamy was a relatively successful broadcaster until 1994 when his broadcasting career tanked.  More recently he has been a climate change / global warming Denier who got some attention when some sloppy writing on his part led to a major new Denier myth.

Now we learn that Bellamy is the new Denier martyr because he was the victim of a vicious witch hunt by Enviro-Nazis Global Warming storm troopers. In the Daily Express where we are told “BBC SHUNNED ME FOR DENYING CLIMATE CHANGE.” In a nutshell, Bellamy was a “skeptic” so the BBC tossed him out.

Interesting. Just one or two problems with this story. (more…)

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