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The Great Climate “Skeptics” Swindle

I also note where each author ranked in my overall listings [of climate research papers]. None of these four [skeptics] even made it into the top 200.

Meanwhile the skeptics include three names with zero hits on “climate” and another two with just one match.”

Jim Prall

Actually I don’t know Jim at all. He’s just some Dude who showed up here as a commenter last Dec 10th. A Virgo apparently, likes birding and sailing …  may like Pina Coldas for all I know. But when I saw the work he was doing my reaction was “You’re insane! A wonderful, magical, beautiful type of insane.


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empty suitsBPSDB

The infamous “Oregon Petition” is the source of the various climate change Denier claims that 17,000, 31,000, 60,000 etc scientists “have signed a petition that…”

Peter Sinclair does a nice presentation telling the basic story of the Oregon Petition, so I leave it to him:


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Climate change ignorance caused by humans

It has been confirmed, climate change ignorance is caused by humans! The belief that it could be due to natural causes probably applies to only 10-15% of the population.

Study Links Global Warming to Right-wing Media Hot Air Emissions: “SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Earlier this week, the Environmental Protection Agency released the highly anticipated results of a year-long study, confirming a long suspected link between right-wing media blowhards and current global warming trends.” (more…)

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James Ko-Ko Inhofe

James 'Ko-Ko' Inhofe


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Good News’

‘gas 2.0’ announced “America’s Love Affair With Cars is Ending” which is a short description of a new report out of the Brookings Institute “The Road…Less Traveled: An Analysis of Vehicle Miles Traveled Trends in the U.S.”

According to ‘gas 2.0’ the report states that “the US is experiencing its longest and quickest decline in the amount of driving since World War Two — a decline which the report’s authors claim marks a permanent shift away from the automobile and towards other forms of transportation.

I confess I skipped to the conclusions and that does indeed seem to be what it is saying. Let’s hope so. (more…)

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BPSDBI am Ngudima Madriguru, Climate Minister of my country. On behalf of my  family (the Abacha’s), my country and the Free World  I would like to seek your advice and help.

the-peace-keepingI have data that proves human caused climate change is a hoax, but UN thugs intent on world domination are keeping me from sharing it with you.

There is proof that I dare not reveal yet. The earth is cooling even though all of the science shows it is not. The sun is what is making the Earth warmer even though the sun is in a cool phase. The Arctic ice is expanding even though there is less of it. The sea is shrinking even as it rises. The glaciers are advancing even though they appear to be shrinking. I have the evidence!


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מנא ,מנא, תקל, ופרסין

Verse 1: The Denier Scientists

BPSDB“you have been weighed (counted) on the scales and found wanting”

In a recent attempt to mock this site a Denier blog  stated:

“My favorite part is when he links to a Wikipedia page in an attempt to convince us that there are only a “few dozen” skeptics.”

My reply was  “When I make that sort of statement I include facts/evidence that show the claim is questionable, if not actually false … why haven’t you?

Since it IS Wikipedia, why aren’t you/others posting all of the names and credentials of these alleged other skeptic scientists?”

Aye, there’s the rub. The Denialosphere is constantly referring to large numbers of skeptical scientists, with more jumping off of the bandwagon all of the time. The trouble, where to find them?


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