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BPSDBThe last post looked at the presentation of the 2008 temperature records as “coolest in a decade” and sea levels as “shrinking” as truth being reported in such a way as to lead to false conclusions. Let’s continue with the “William Jefferson Clinton” Climate Denial Series, ie telling the truth in such a disingenuous and grossly misleading way as to be basically lying.

two-heads-of-herringIt could also be called the “Red Herring” series since the statements usually made are true, but irrelevant (also here for many examples). A far more detailed and subtle example of this Denier tactic is the  Climate Change Quiz put out by “Smart Green Frontier”, actually the industry funded Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

Their online Quiz consists of 10 multiple choice questions accompanied by “facts” that supposedly help “educate you” about climate change.



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