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eye-am-feeling-silly BPSDB As discussed in the last post Denialapalooza aka the Heartland Denier Conference is in full swing.

The latest seepage from the Heartland Human Waste Treatment Facility?  Climate change Deniers totally lose it and stop even pretending to be doing science.

Two thing that stand out for me are that, i) they have apparently abandoned the fiction that they are doing anything remotely resembling climate science, and at the same time, ii) they seem to have started believing their own stories. It’s going to be an ugly shock when they remember that they made it all up in the first place.

Climate Progress reports on how Richard Lindzen has stopped pretending his “science” has legitimacy (small wonder, see here) and is indulging in attempted character assassination of Wallace Broecker as well as the rest of his profession.

Whatever it takes to keep his oil industry funders happy I guess

At the same time, John Theon just starts babbling incoherently. (more…)

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