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Glamour is not for me...

BPSDBExxonMobil has manufactured uncertainty about the human causes of global warming just as tobacco companies denied their product caused lung cancer,” said Alden Meyer, the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Director of Strategy & Policy. “A modest but effective investment has allowed the oil giant to fuel doubt about global warming to delay government action just as Big Tobacco did for over 40 years.”

Scientists’ Report Documents ExxonMobil’s Tobacco-like Disinformation Campaign on Global Warming Science

Quiz: which of these two is actual tobacco industry denial, and which is climate change denial with “tobacco” and related terms substituted:



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Ultimate Global Warming Challenge

Ultimate Global Warming Challenge

The Ultimate Global Warming Challenge! “$500,000 will be awarded to the first person to prove, in a scientific manner, that humans are causing harmful global warming.” That’s the challenge on Steven Milloy’s junkscience website. An easy $500,000 for someone, right? So why no takers?

The name Steven Milloy should be familiar as the former tobacco spinmeister mentioned in “Smoke and CO2: How to Spin Global Warming.” He is well known to climate rationalists as a major climate change / global warming Denier1. (more…)

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