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BPSDB Regulars will know that I have been a huge fan of Potholer54 who has done some excellent climate science videos:

I was not at all pleased with his fourth, “Climate Change — Gore vs. Durkin” where he looks at both “The Swindle” and “An Inconvenient Truth.” Potholer seems to have fallen into a trap of attempting to seem even handed, not favouring one side of the issue or the other, see ‘Very disappointing‘ for the discussion.

I found his most recent one also somewhat disappointing even though it is mostly pretty good.  “11. Climate Change — Hurricanes, atolls and coral” was also released as “Climate Change Are we all going to drown?



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empty suitsBPSDB

The infamous “Oregon Petition” is the source of the various climate change Denier claims that 17,000, 31,000, 60,000 etc scientists “have signed a petition that…”

Peter Sinclair does a nice presentation telling the basic story of the Oregon Petition, so I leave it to him:


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BPSDB Climate change Denier Myths Debunked:

  • The 31,000 scientists Oregon Petition fraud
  • Mars and Pluto prove it’s natural
  • The 1,500 year cycle

Peter Sinclair has been very busy, so without further ado:

The great Petition Fraud


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  • Climate “skeptics” get debunked on Skeptics Society site
  • Gunter’s Gas
  • Meme Watch: Carbon Black
  • It’s not just length that matters
  • A climate of change


Climate “Skeptics” get debunked on Skeptics Society site

In what can only be described as delicious irony the Skeptics Society has published a debunking of  the ghastly Oregon Petition. The Oregon Petition is the source of the fraudulent claim that (variously) 32,000, 17,000 or 60,000 scientists reject climate science. Misleading by Petition Just What is the Consensus on Global Warming? looks at the petition as a petition with no reference to whether it’s scientific claims are valid or not. He  concludes:


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