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BPSDB Huge thanks to Brian D for reminding me about Marcus Brigstocke. I went to fetch the video that he refers to in his comment and was delighted to find a new one … it’s awesome

The Return Of Marcus Brigstocke

In a six minute piece a comedian debunks more Denier memes and gets more science and politics right than most major media manage in a year, and more than some have ever managed. (Never mind the self-styled climate science “authorities” that make up the Denialosphere)

In it he refers to yet another one that I missed, viz:

Dr Seuss at Copenhagen



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swindling BPSDB Not that either of them are factual, accurate, or honest, and not that they say anything about climate change that is true, but precisely because they aren’t and don’t.

For those who do not know of it, “The Great Global Warming Swindle” is a fauxcumentary produced by Martin Durkin which first aired (or more correctedly “erred”) two years ago.

It is probably the best known and most lavish of the Denier propaganda polemics posing as an objective documentary. Basically “The Swindle” attempts to undermine the scientific case for anthropogenic climate change.


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