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BPSDB Some odd goings on in the climate change Denialosphere …

Curiouser and Curiouser

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Recent absence

Curiouser and Curiouser

On Jan 20th the Canada Free Press published an apology to Dr Andrew Weaver (text below & google cache) as was reported by various sites (eg here and here).

That apology has now disappeared. (see also updates below text of apology).

So what has happened? CFP changed their minds? Tim Ball filed a counter-suit? CFP lawyers found that the text of the apology left them open to even more serious action? Other?

If any one has heard anything I would be curious to know.


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BPSDB Regulars will know that I have been a huge fan of Potholer54 who has done some excellent climate science videos:

I was not at all pleased with his fourth, “Climate Change — Gore vs. Durkin” where he looks at both “The Swindle” and “An Inconvenient Truth.” Potholer seems to have fallen into a trap of attempting to seem even handed, not favouring one side of the issue or the other, see ‘Very disappointing‘ for the discussion.

I found his most recent one also somewhat disappointing even though it is mostly pretty good.  “11. Climate Change — Hurricanes, atolls and coral” was also released as “Climate Change Are we all going to drown?


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BPSDBThe last post looked at the presentation of the 2008 temperature records as “coolest in a decade” and sea levels as “shrinking” as truth being reported in such a way as to lead to false conclusions. Let’s continue with the “William Jefferson Clinton” Climate Denial Series, ie telling the truth in such a disingenuous and grossly misleading way as to be basically lying.

two-heads-of-herringIt could also be called the “Red Herring” series since the statements usually made are true, but irrelevant (also here for many examples). A far more detailed and subtle example of this Denier tactic is the  Climate Change Quiz put out by “Smart Green Frontier”, actually the industry funded Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

Their online Quiz consists of 10 multiple choice questions accompanied by “facts” that supposedly help “educate you” about climate change.


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