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PSDBAnyone who imagines that with climate change we will simply shift agriculture towards the poles probably does not even have house plants, much less a garden, and certainly knows little or nothing about agriculture or climate change.

In an earlier post I discussed some of the impacts on existing agriculture as Understanding why climate change means global famine”. Now I’d like to discuss a couple of aspects of one of the stock answers “we’ll just move our food production north.”

The reason this will not work is shown very simply with a map.

source US Dept of Agriculture
source US Dept of Agriculture

Begining with the Southern Hemisphere and the obvious, there is less land area as you move towards the pole. South America narrows rapidly, Africa less rapidly but it still does, and Australia simply ends; there just isn’t the land available to sustain anything close to current levels of food production. (more…)


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flight-from-famineBPSDBOne of the unfortunate things about Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” is it led to the notion that the principle threat posed by climate change is coastal flooding.

One could watch the film and conclude that if you didn’t live near a coast climate change is problem that need not concern you directly.   NOT!

A few days ago New Scientist published “Billions could go hungry from global warming by 2100 and this seemed to surprise a lot of people.   Apparently they had no idea. Reality check. Far and away the most serious threat posed by climate change is famine, truly massive, global famine. (more…)

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Good, fast paced visually exciting video with lots of information about the livestock industry’s impact on climate change.

At under four minutes this is high impact education that you can share in a lot of places. It is produced by MEATtheFACTS.org and you should link to them if you are going to direct people.

for ratexla 😉

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