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circus-closing-festivities BPSDB It’s great to see the “Heartland Comedy Revue & Circus” aka “Denial-apalooza” is a back for another season.

All of your favourite clowns are there, from Vaclav “De-bait Me” Klaus to Christopher Lord VoldeMonckton .

Apparently Monckton has a new act “The insufferably pompous peer”  where he introduces several new lies and frauds proofs that climate change is not real.  Follow the link if you want a good laugh, unless you don’t want to ruin “the magic”.



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dual-wave-particle-nature-of-lightBPSDBLest any imagine that my parody of climate Denier cherry picking is too extreme because I pretend to use my own city as representing climate trends for the entire planet as being something climate Deniers actually do, check this out: OOPS, We Forgot Siberia!

I am rather fond of this piece of climate change Denierism for two reasons. (more…)

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  • Spin Cycles
  • That’s curious
  • Not this idiot again
  • Oh oh at NSIDC
  • The Boy Who Denied Wolf

Spin Cycles

CBC’s show “And the Winner Is…” re-broadcast the documentary series Spin Cycles: Spin, the spinners and the spun.

Episode Six exposes the industry funded “think tanks” and astroturf (ie bogus) citizen’s groups that specialize in providing climate denial PR for their clients.


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PSDBMr Coleman

When you issued your threat to sue Al Gore The Inactivist Journal issued a call for you to Sue Us, a call most recently echoed by Jeremy Jacquot at DeSmogBlog in “John Coleman: Still Waiting for that Lawsuit ‘.

Your most recent screed leads me to use this opportunity to add my voice to the call, and to ask other climate realists to do the same using whatever media is appropriate.

Many in the Denialosphere believe that you actually have sued Mr Gore, or at least have begun the process.

You have not done either despite your repetition of the threat. As Frankbi notes, you are as big a charlatan as Christopher Monckton in this respect.


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the-weathermanBPSDBThe Business and Media Institute reports that “CNN Meteorologist: Manmade Global Warming Theory ‘Arrogant’, and of course the freepers and other Denier wingnuts are off!

As one would expect Chad Myers’s statements are devoid of any factual basis, consisting of the usual moronic “aw shucks” barroom tales spiced with a few irrelevant factoids. This nonsense is then “substantiated” by Jay Lehr from the much discredited Heartland Institute who tries to push the global cooling fable. (more…)

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