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Climate Change — isn’t it natural? BPSDB

Potholer54 is back with a good one (he exposes Bob Carter for openers … what’s not to love?). Here he takes out several Denier Fables, including the “it’s not CO2” and “it’s just the Sun.”

While Crock of the Week takes on the related issue of water vapour in:

The Big Mist Take



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BPSDBLately we have been experiencing another rash of news from the “Dept of the Obvious Dept”, coupled with the other climate change Denier tactic of offering “New Improved Lipstick on a Dead Pig” (act now, operators are waiting!).

  • “New! Improved!” Lipstick on a Dead Pig

  • Dept of the Obvious Dept


  • Collected Resource Links

  • Sunspot Blindness

  • An actual “New Study”

The “Dept of the Obvious Dept” (hereafter DoOD) tactic is just another variation of the Red Herring Fallacy.  In this case the tactic is to take some aspect of climate science that is fully accounted for in the science, well known to those even passingly familiar with the basics, and pretend that it is  i) news,  and ii) not accounted for in the science. (more…)

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BPSDB Earlier this year we were subjected to a spate of blog posts and faux news about a report from a “Japanese Commission” of “Top Japanese Scientists” that rejected anthropogenic climate change. The ‘report‘ was allegedly the result of work by 5 scientists from the Japan Society of Energy and Resources.

This piece of climate change Denier spam would be scarcely worth mentioning except that in 2 months the Japan Society of Energy and Resources has gone from barely a dozen google hits (English language) to over 12,000, as far as I can tell almost all of them touting the Denier nonsense. As well it has appeared in several of the predictable bastions of anti-science and ignorance such as the National Post and The Australian.


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anarctica-2BPSDBRick Hodgin of the MIT Methane fraud is at it again, this time with “Possible natural explanation found for West Antarctica’s warming.”

What he is trying to pull this time is to blame the recently documented warming of the Antarctic on a volcano eruption similar to one discovered to have occurred 2,300 years ago.

It stands to reason that if there is an active volcano in Antarctica, one capable of punching a hole through the ice sheet and spewing “a layer of volcanic ash and glass shards” over 23,000 km2 at some point, then it (and its nearby possibly as-of-yet-unidentified brothers) may well be the cause of a one degree Fahrenheit increase observable in the western section of Antarctica over the past 50 years.

It stands to reason? What kind of reasoning is that? I wonder what it is that he finds reasonable? (more…)

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Will be Tenth Hottest on Record

Will be Tenth Hottest on Record


  • New and improved old memes
  • New debunkings
  • Arctic Update

New and improved old memes

2008 will probably be 10th Hottest year since 1880. Of course that is not how the Guardian reported it, they said “2008 will be coolest year of the decade“, but in this case those are the same thing.

Already the Deniers are spreading the “coolest of the decade” (ie ‘Climate change has ended‘) meme, a classic example of how the Deniers want you to look at the data, but not too closely.

Three things they do NOT want you to look at in this case:


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