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BPSDB Debunking the climate change Denierism nonsense that George Will writes is more akin to clubbing plush toys than an actual intellectual exercise.   Shooting fish in a barrel? sure, if we’re talking about the barrel of the gun in question; easy and pointless.

George Will knows perfectly well that he is publishing nonsense about climate science, and he is going to keep right on doing it because he is paid precisely because he writes nonsense, not despite it.

The question is, what are we going to do about it?

Last winter Will stunned us when his pre-existing condition of climate change Denierism plunged to new lows. However, like the arctic sea ice minimums, it seems to have been merely a sign of an on-going precipitous decline.



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A Climate for Change

Brigham Young University Pwns Deniers

18 leading scientific organizations

He tolls for thee

Dubya’s War on Science

Chamber pot of commerce tries rebranding

Meanwhile, the Superfreaks are:

  1. Supercensoring
  2. Pwned by George Will
  3. Getting hosed by The New Yorker
  4. Still using mind control on Jon Stewart


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Ain’t no rules, ain’t no vow, we can do it anyhow
I and I will see you through,
‘Cos every day we pay the price with a little sacrifice
Jamming till the jam is through.

Bob Marley. Jamming.

Culture jamming: is a tactic in which an activist attempts to disrupt or subvert mainstream cultural institutions or corporate advertising. … Culture jamming sometimes entails transforming mass media to produce ironic or satirical commentary about itself, using the original medium’s communication method .” Culture jamming – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Transforming climate change / global warming Denier propaganda “to produce ironic or satirical commentary about itself” is very straightforward, you just juxtapose their claim with reality and the fraudulent ridiculousness of it is immediately apparent. This is something I try to do whenever the opportunity for a good visual exists:


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Watts Up With Watts? Error!

BPSDB Kevin Grandia recently profiled Peter Sinclair’s Climate Crock video “Watts up with Watts?” that I shared in Mixed Media; Kevin gave you a choice of Debunking Another Climate Change Crock: What’s Up with Anthony Watts? or [flame war edition].

The Watts Up With That readers are an “emotional” little gang of online trolls … the massive flame war that the video has provoked.

Trivial aside, I got a link to a repost that had obviously been babble fished such that the above read:

The Watts Up With That readers are an “emotional” lowercase association of online trolls that pay artefact likewise such instance on their safekeeping …. to wager the large burning struggle that the recording has provoked.

“Flame war” as “the large burning struggle”, I liked that.

The latest development: Global warming denier uses the DMCA to silence a critic

Well, the video must have been really on target — it stung Anthony Watts so badly that he initiated a DMCA “takedown” action and got the “Watts Up With Watts” video removed from youtube.com!


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That was quick.

Was it was just three days ago that I said apropos of climate change that “Since it is a given that we can expect more lies from Will…” and already here they are.

The content of Will’s continued dishonesty is more than adequately dissected, corrected, and commented on in the posts below so I will leave it to them and comment afterwards.


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BPSDB potholer54 is back! and it’s a good one.  Climate Change anatomy of a myth takes down the the “they predicted an ice age in the 1970s, so why should we believe them now” nonsense.

One of the things that potholer54 brings to the exposure of the lie is the evidence that the Deniers are not confused or mistaken, they are outright lying.

The sources from the 1970s that they cite as evidence talk about the scientific uncertainty about climate, not a scientific consensus on cooling. This is explored in much more detail with respect to George Will and the New York Times at The NYT’s climate coverage in 1970s was a megaphone for science, not ‘global cooling’ alarmism.


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BPSDB George Will has gone Platinum with over 100 articles exposing the lies and errors in his recent climate columns.

Why so much excitement over the Will column? The net is awash with this type of idiocy and even Will himself has done this before.

I think the issue is not that Will tries to pass off climate change Denier nonsense as fact. It’s that the attempt to mislead is so juvenile and transparent that it boggles the mind and insults the reader. People do not necessarily expect George Will to tell the truth, but to attempt to mislead them while insulting their intelligence is unforgivable. (more…)

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swindling BPSDB Not that either of them are factual, accurate, or honest, and not that they say anything about climate change that is true, but precisely because they aren’t and don’t.

For those who do not know of it, “The Great Global Warming Swindle” is a fauxcumentary produced by Martin Durkin which first aired (or more correctedly “erred”) two years ago.

It is probably the best known and most lavish of the Denier propaganda polemics posing as an objective documentary. Basically “The Swindle” attempts to undermine the scientific case for anthropogenic climate change.


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