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Darryl Cunningham Investigates

Darryl Cunningham Investigates

If you haven’t seen it yet, head over to “Darryl Cunningham Investigates” and check out his climate change comic.

Maybe a “comic” is not your preferred way of learning, but for some it is far more effective, so this is a great tool to have at hand and share. Cunningham is still working on clarifying some of the science and providing all of his sources, but that will just turn ‘good’ into ‘excellent.’


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What it isn’t:

What it is

Condensed overview (still painful though)

Too many Kooks spoil the …

Shredding the “climate consensus” myth: More Than 1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims – Challenge UN IPCC & Gore


Climate Despot has dropped  a “321-page ‘Consensus Buster’ Report” (bet that cow won a blue ribbon at the County Fair), or so Mark Morano claims.

What it isn’t:

  • new” It’s the same old Inhofe fraud (ie “700 Scientists …”) as before with some recycled silliness tacked on. None of it is anything we haven’t seen before;
  • improved” unless you consider repetition of ridiculous claims and irrelevant appeals to false authority an improvement;
  • “Inhofe‘s” as before the real author is Mark ‘Wormtongue’ Morano;
  • science; utterly absent is any trace of of actual science or any reference to it except in the most abstract and meaningless ways;
  • a list it’s a collection of anecdotes, specious claims, contextless quotes and copy/pastes of various petitions and declarations;
  • (more…)

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Franz KafkaBPSDB

Der Prozess

Next in the docket for being criminally bewildered, the climate change Deniers at the US Chamber of Commerce (hearafter CoC). We have some updates from the blogosphere, and a jaw dropping attempt at revisionist damage control by the CoC to consider.

A few days ago I reported how the US Chamber was calling for “Scopes Monkey Trial” type hearings on the Environmental Protection Agency (hereafter EPA) endangerment findings and proposed action. Much has been going on, so let’s sample some of it.

The CoC started some damage control with the unsubstantiated, unsourced claim by Brad Peck that… the agency [EPA] used secondary scientific sources, studies that largely weren’t adequately peer-reviewed and the selective use of scientific studies to justify a policy decision they wanted to make.

While the evidence before us clearly shows that Peck is something of an expert on using questionable sources to justify a decision that he wanted to make, I’d still like to know what his source was. No mention of the it though; apparently the CoC does not believe in transparency and using information that is beyond question.’ Maybe we should have a trial? (more…)

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tapa Gossip #59BPSDB


Meme watch




McLean, de Freitas and Carter


It’s all just the sun cosmic rays orbit

A new paper in Science, Evidence for Obliquity Forcing of Glacial Termination II has already become “Wobbling Earth Triggers Climate Change“. No doubt it is an interesting contribution to our understanding of Milankovitch cycles, assuming it holds up to scrutiny.

Needless to say this is meat for the climate change DenierNew Study disproves/overturns/undermines global warming/climate change science/models/theory!“ canard, and equally obvious is the fact that it does no such thing. Expect this one to be turning up in our comments sections, and on forums and news sharing sites for the next little while. If anyone puts together a quick rebuttal it would be appreciated. (more…)

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Watts Up With Watts? Error!

BPSDB Kevin Grandia recently profiled Peter Sinclair’s Climate Crock video “Watts up with Watts?” that I shared in Mixed Media; Kevin gave you a choice of Debunking Another Climate Change Crock: What’s Up with Anthony Watts? or [flame war edition].

The Watts Up With That readers are an “emotional” little gang of online trolls … the massive flame war that the video has provoked.

Trivial aside, I got a link to a repost that had obviously been babble fished such that the above read:

The Watts Up With That readers are an “emotional” lowercase association of online trolls that pay artefact likewise such instance on their safekeeping …. to wager the large burning struggle that the recording has provoked.

“Flame war” as “the large burning struggle”, I liked that.

The latest development: Global warming denier uses the DMCA to silence a critic

Well, the video must have been really on target — it stung Anthony Watts so badly that he initiated a DMCA “takedown” action and got the “Watts Up With Watts” video removed from youtube.com!


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BPSDB potholer54 is back! and it’s a good one.  Climate Change anatomy of a myth takes down the the “they predicted an ice age in the 1970s, so why should we believe them now” nonsense.

One of the things that potholer54 brings to the exposure of the lie is the evidence that the Deniers are not confused or mistaken, they are outright lying.

The sources from the 1970s that they cite as evidence talk about the scientific uncertainty about climate, not a scientific consensus on cooling. This is explored in much more detail with respect to George Will and the New York Times at The NYT’s climate coverage in 1970s was a megaphone for science, not ‘global cooling’ alarmism.


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dual-wave-particle-nature-of-lightBPSDBLest any imagine that my parody of climate Denier cherry picking is too extreme because I pretend to use my own city as representing climate trends for the entire planet as being something climate Deniers actually do, check this out: OOPS, We Forgot Siberia!

I am rather fond of this piece of climate change Denierism for two reasons. (more…)

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