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Of course that dreadful abomination The Great Global Warming Swindle has been thoroughly exposed as a fraud so there’s no real need to flog that dead pig, but Brian D has brought to my attention that there is still a bit of fun to be gotten out of it.

What do you get when British Wit with a bit of common sense goes after a Denier1 Twit?

You get Marcus Brigstocke Vs. Martin Durkin (audio only)

Not quite as good but still worth a listen is Marcus Brigstocke – Climate Change

also audio only.



Denier Challenge Update: Day 2 … still no evidence.

1As I discuss here I do not use the term “Denier” to refer to all climate change doubters. Those who thoughtfully and intelligently address the facts I call ’skeptics’.

Those who irrationally deny the existence of the science and instead propagate the lies and distortions such as those discussed above and linked to the right under “Debunking Denier Nonsense” are “Deniers”.

The choice of the correct term is based on their actions, not their conclusions.


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