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In his latest update on Lord VoldeMonckton (“Monckton on the commie plot against him“) Tim Lambert over at Deltoid idly ponders what Monckton’s Crackpot score would be, thereby drawing my attention to John Baez’s The Crackpot Index.

It struck me that Lambert is right in that the index is very apropos, not just of Monckton but climate change / global warming Deniers1 generally. So much so that with only very minor edits it applies almost perfectly. I guess crackpots and wingnuts are pretty much the same everywhere.

To appreciate just how untouched this is I have put my edits from Baez’s original in bold. I have also removed some points entirely as they were not that applicable (not unsurprising since Physics is an older and more storied science than climate research, so there is much broader scope for crackpots).

Without further ado: “A simple method for rating potentially revolutionary contributions to climate science:”



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